We have presented a joint paper on real-time hydraulic simulation in the context of oil and gas well cementing at the ASME OMAE2019 38th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering in Glasgow.

The paper "Real Time Cementing Hydraulics Simulations Bring Risk Down" (OMAE2019-95100) described the physical model and implementation of a real-time hydraulic simulator to support the well cementing operations. A summary of the performance challenges and solutions implemented was outlined. A case study of application on the simulator to detect and characterize losses in a real-life field case was presented to demonstrate the application of the simulator in production environment. 

The conclusion of the paper was that the performance of the simulator allows it to be run during the cementing job execution using the data acquired from the rig as it is coming in. The comparison of simulated vs. acquired pressures and flow rates can then identify significant issues such as losses to formation and characterize them. Making that identification during the job rather than in the post-job analysis allows the operators to put remediation measures in place much sooner and therefore more effectively. Moreover, with this additional information job design can be adjusted on the fly as it is being pumped to compensate for the losses and to achieve successful cement placement.

S. Pelipenko, N. C. Flamant, and S. C. Impey. "Real Time Cementing Hydraulics Simulations Bring Risk Down",  Proceedings of the ASME 2019 38th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering, OMAE2019-95100. Presented at the OMAE2019 Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, June 9 – 14, 2019.

The full paper is available from the ASME conference proceedings website