Consultancy Services

From optimising existing models to prototyping new ideas, we offer a broad range of consultancy services. Flexible contract framework enables you to bring us in if and when needed to resolve a specific set of problems or to accelerate on-going development.

Contract Research and Development

Given an overall goal you would like to achieve, we can suggest the most effective development options and deliverables we can provide. We will use our experience of managing longer-term projects to establish milestones, time frames and associated costs for each stage of the process. We can work through the agreed plan relying on our resources, in collaboration with your development teams or a third party of your choice. Fixed term agreements with established milestones enable you to plan ahead with full confidence your requirements will be met.

Software Development

From the initial idea, we will take you though the development process: defining specifications with you, prototyping initial drafts, main development stage, software deployment and user training and support. As standard, we will offer several development options and time frames to suit your budget and deadlines. Once a development option is selected, we can offer a fixed term fixed price agreement on completion of which you will receive the finished product with full ownership of all code and IP rights.

Collaborative Projects

We are always interested in proposals for joint project development. Whether on the basis of part ownership of resulting IP, submitting a joint proposal to another organization or simply a topic of discussion – get in touch.

If we can help you realize an idea, meet a deadline, evaluate your existing solution or set future goals – contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.

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