Oxford Numerics is a mathematical modelling, scientific consultancy and software development company. We are a focused team of professionals with an extensive skill set, strong academic background and an emphasis on delivering robust and accessible solutions.

We have over 12 years of trusted relationships with major multinational clients, and experience of commercial projects in several fields. Our solutions are in use around the world and our team has worked for clients in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

In the energy sector, we have developed engineering, design and simulation tools for modelling complex oil and gas well operations. In the financial sector our experience includes the development of pricing and risk software for a wide range of fixed income products, including bonds and credit and interest rate derivatives and other instruments.

In all areas of our work, we have developed sophisticated 2D and 3D visualization tools to simplify the analysis and presentation of highly complex data sets.

How can we help you?

If you have an idea you would like to test we can work with you to develop a rapid prototype and suggest the best and most cost-effective options for implementation. We have experience of the entire product life cycle and the expertise required to produce and deploy enterprise level solutions.

We have a flexible contract framework allowing you to bring us in as and when you need us - e.g. for rapid prototyping, supporting your in-house teams or to implement a complete product.

Why us?

  • We bridge the gap between modelling and commercial software development due to our extensive expertise in both areas. This experience allows us to understand and speak the language of our clients, whether in the energy, financial services or real estate sectors, while being able to draw on techniques and best practice from our physics, mathematics and software development background.
  • We have a track record of successfully implementing parallel programming techniques, which can increase computational speed by orders of magnitude. Read more about GPGPU computing.
  • We are experts in taking your existing mathematical models from academic literature, Excel spreadsheets, legacy code bases (e.g. Matlab, VB, FORTRAN) and implementing them into a robust, modern, extensible and future-proof software architecture.
  • We recognize that analysis is useless if the results cannot be understood. We therefore specialize in producing software that can interpret and visualize complex simulation results in a clear, user-friendly way that can inform and improve commercial decision making.

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